How the Internet has broken me

Posted: September 29, 2013 in General, Life
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There used to be a time when a teacher would introduce a concept or a word, and then you’d go home and hit the books, learning everything you could about it.  But the internet has hugely reduced not only that need, but what feels like most of the interaction over things.  Like, real interaction.

I recall my best friend telling me (aged ~8) about all the great horror films I needed to see, such as Nightmare on Elm Street and the Exorcist, and I’ll never forget the buzz when Poltergeist came out.  Half the school had seen it and were freaking out, and the other half were freaking out that they hadn’t seen this terrifying film which made everyone else they knew freak out.  No such buzz exists these days, because the INSTANT we hear about a vaguely interesting premise, we go to Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Netflix – shit, you can even watch half the new releases online if you advocate piracy.  Nothing waits for the weekend any more, and there are no concepts which Google can’t explain, or word definitions which your parents have to explain to you.  The internet has made things way boring, and we hardly see people interacting anymore because there’s never anything new to talk about.


“Hey man, did you see that really effed-up thing that just happened?”

“Oh, that?  Yeah, it was all over Twitter; that’s yesterday’s news.  So what’s new?”

NOTHING, apparently.  At least, not new in Net-speed; it’s old the second it gets published!

This is not entirely true, but I haven’t been very active lately, and the WWW has facilitated this sloth beautifully.  It keeps me abreast of the news, keeps me updated with what’s goin on in film-land, Facebook lets me know how the family is doing, my laptop Kindle app lets me read whatever I want whenever, and if I feel like just bullshit, then I go play Scrabble or Candy Crush Saga for nine straight hours.  I’m turning into a bloody moss-covered rock, with the mentality that real-life is exhausting!

So that being said, I just dusted myself off and went for a walk; it was gorgeous out!  At one point I even interacted with a friendly dog, and almost burst into tears it was so emotional.  I couldn’t wait to get home and blog about it.


That being said, I can’t stay on here yakking all day; I need to go find a virtual e-shower someplace online so I can electronically de-skank my sweaty self.   Have a great Sunday!


  1. smilecalm says:

    yes, this e-life just isn’t the same. perhaps a long moratorium on it will help us all get back in touch with reality.

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