About Me

I’m still trying to figure this section out – not the technicalities of posting information, but the parts “about” me. OK, here goes – I am:

— A funny writer
— Modest
— A genius
— Unserious about most things, with a healthy dose of flippancy about the things I do care about
— A wannabe software guru, via php / .NET / C-based, web-based whatever
— Aspiring to break through into film and novel superstardom

I’m basically a nice bloke, doing what nice blokes all over the world are doing – not as much as I should, but with a twinge of guilt about it. I’m gainfully employed in a job I enjoy, and I’m meanwhile trying to become rich through one of 3 things:

A) Writing novels. I write excellent novels, best in the world, but haven’t finished too many. I need to make more time for this, and then I will surely become a legend.
B) Writing software. I have an excellent project underway which will change the face of the world forever. Just finding the time to finish and unleash it. This is not only top secret, but top awesome. Definitely will make me rich one day.
C) Writing films. I have a script in progress which I am banking on as my 401k. Not the most stable retirement plan in the world, but there is no doubt in my mind that once this is completed and happens, my wealth and status will be forever secured. Just need to make some time for it.

Coolest thing so far was getting ‘Vegetables’ published in Machine of Death.  Machine of Death was and still is a rollercoaster I never want to get off; I’m very glad to be part of the whole thing.

So essentially, with this many choices of guaranteed wealth and success, I seem to be in no hurry to get there. Or as a pretentious dead hippy once succinctly said:

This is the best part of the trip, the part I really like!