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Dead Fish

Posted: February 22, 2011 in Life, Tech
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And the routine is back underway.

Yesterday was OK, dragged a little bit, but all in all I survived. This weekend I got my predicted death certificate in the mail, via David Malki from – which alleges that my demise is going to be a result of “Cannery”. It really is a gorgeous cert too, embossed with a gold seal of authenticity, signed by Mandovar Excelsior – the minister of predicted deaths. So it has to be true. One day, a Cannery will be my destruction. That’s far more positive than a Can’tery or a Won’tery.

Built another template page last night, which is working out well, because it gives me something to scribble notes and arrows and directions all over, and gives me a pretty clear view of the stuff this site needs to do. Right now, it more resembles a dead fish. But a dead fish filled with promise and potential.

And now, I’m heading back out into the fray.