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So the study and training of memory is called Mnemonics, which stems from the Greek Mnemosyne, who was the goddess of memory, and incidentally, mother of the nine Muses.  The muses were nine sister goddesses born of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and they were responsible for creating the arts, sciences and knowledge in general, right?

So to muse is to become absorbed in thought, to meditatively turn something over in the mind, or to wonder / marvel or speak reflectively.  Muse is also the root of way more words and notions relating to inspiration – including “Music”, which was created by the muses.  The first muse is called Clio, and she was credited for discovering the guitar.  Erato is the muse responsible for love, love poetry and weddings; Erato was also friends with Eros, (aka Cupid), and would make the arrows which Eros would shoot into our loins, making us feel Erotic (and sometimes erratic).  At least, this friendship was suggested by Apollonius of Rhodes in his book Argonautica, during an invocation to Erato.  And Apollonius was a poet who named himself after the god Apollo, who was the adoptive father of the nine muses when Zeus and Mnemosyne palmed them off.  Safe to say, this dude knew his shit.  So Mnemosyne was the root of all memory, and to this day Mnemonics is the study of memory, and musing essentially means to hang out with the muses and think about stuff, and music is born from musing, and if you muse over things this way and that, they become very, very amusing.  How can you NOT love this?

In case you care, the whole nine muses are:

  • Clio – discovered history and the guitar.
  • Euterpe – the flute, several other musical instruments and dialect.
  • Thalia – the protector of comedy, and discoverer of geometry, architectural science and agriculture.
  • Melpomene – invented tragedy, rhetoric speech and melos (the succession of musical tones constituting a melody.  Maybe even a mellow or melancholic melody.)
  • Terpsichore – invented the harp, dance and education.
  • Erato – the hottest one.  (Love, love poetry and weddings)
  • Polymnia – divine hymns, mimic art, grammar, and geometry along with her sister Thalia.
  • Ourania – celestial objects and stars; invented astronomy.  (Her name sounds eerily like “Uranus”, dunnit?)
  • Calliope – the superior muse, imposer of serenity and justice, and protector of heroic poems and rhetoric art.


And don’t get me started on epistemology.

Alligator Sex:  You can control the gender of unborn alligators by altering the temperature at which you incubate the eggs.  Incubate at 33° C (91.4° F), and you get 100% males.  Incubate at 30° C (86°F), and you get 100% females.  Human Body Temperature is 37° C / 98.6° F

Reptiles vs. Mammals:  The Yellow-Bellied Three-Toed Skink Lizard in Australia lays eggs.  The exact same species, 200 miles away in New South Wales, gives birth to live young.  This is definitely caused by a reptile dysfunction.

Space Wealth:  Almost every single asteroid contains more precious metals and minerals than we have on earth in its entirety; enough to eradicate world hunger forever.  This stands to reason, as the earth itself kind of exists in space, so all the rocks came from there.  James Cameron is planning to tap that ass-teroid.

Japanese Suicide Rituals are still Alive and Kicking:  Ritual Public Suicide by Disembowelment (Seppuku) is still customary and highly honored by some people in Japan.  This is an awful and gruesome act which many folks screw up due to the intensity of the pain.  Very often, a highly esteemed and trusted companion is standing by to complete the rite with a sword, ready to behead the victim.  This backup plan is also routinely botched, and at that point, the whole stage probably resembles Monty Python at their darkest & best.

Hero or Zero?  In the first ever public appearance of Superman (1933, created by Jerry Siegel), Supey was a bald, telepathic super-villain intent on taking over the world.  The appearance was in a sci-fi story called “The Reign of the Super Man”.  Siegel died in 1996, aged 81.

Recursive Naming:  The acronym PHP (in the computer scripting language context) is recursive, meaning that the first P in PHP stands for “PHP”.  The H is “Hypertext” and the second P is “Preprocessor”.  I don’t know how this occurred up front, before there was a name to name it after, but I suspect lies were involved.

Going Viral:  The word “Meme” is a meme, and the term “Going Viral” has gone viral.  Meme stems from the study of memetics, name termed by Richard Dawkins in “The Selfish Gene” – a concept theorizing that information exists and behaves in a manner similar to bacteria and viruses, in that it self-perpetuates, grows, evolves, adapts to threats and spreads among people, in a seemingly natural and self-sustaining effort to grow stronger.  Religion could be considered among the most powerful of memes, whose spread and behavior have transformed a hypothetical and far-fetched series of unknowable ideas into what millions now consider to be facts, irrespective of plausibility.

Bees and Crows:  Crows do not fly in a straight line, unless they are over the ocean.  “As the crow flies” comes from the old practice of taking a crow on board sailing ships.  If the ship became lost or disoriented, they would go up to the Crow’s Nest and release the bird, which would then fly in the direction of the nearest piece of land.  When navigating over land, Crows (as with homing pigeons) often follow man-made roads to aid them.  Additionally, a bee-line is technically a zig-zag.  Next time you decide to beeline for the exit at 4.30, you should probably consider going straight, as you’ll get there faster.

Cows and Moons:  Despite long-held beliefs, it is almost universally accepted that a cow never, in fact, jumped over the moon.