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So Monday morning I’m operating on ~2 hours of sleep, and after work I have school.  Yay.

But that’s OK, because I’m invincible.  Cannot be vinced.  And I have a lockable car with reclining seats, for those rare lunchtime naps…

I noticed yesterday that through my Johnson & Wales network, I have a subscription to – this is crazy cool!

Since this discovery, I have listed about twenty video courses I want to take, and already watched about six hours’ of material.  Free learning is the best, especially for the subjects that aren’t that typically supported, without spending $$$ on classroom learning.   Good stuff too, really well-made from what I can tell.

So next week, I will be an expert in:


If you want any help with anything at all in the known Universe, let me know.  But no earlier than Friday, or my knowledge may contain gaps.


I was asleep already tonight, but woke up thirsty and had some water and then was too hot & clammy, tossing and turning, so I got up for a bit.  I was (still am) sitting in a comfy chair in the living room, ~ 11.30 Saturday night, and some people at a house just down my street were partying outside.  They were loud, and I was cranky.  Then a group of them started singing in unison, some song I didn’t know, and I wanted to get pissed at them for the noise cutting into my Zen.  Except I couldn’t get pissed at the sound of a bunch of people enjoying themselves on a Saturday night – I am a staunch advocate of such things.  Besides, they all knew all the words to this relatively complex and unrepetitive song, never faltered or missed a detail and kept going for ages.  It was pretty surreal and impressive, because they definitely weren’t professionals, or even in tune, and they were all hammered.  Suddenly I found myself vicariously enjoying their party.

They ran out of steam and took it indoors shortly after the song, I have now reestablished my Zen, and a cool breeze is coming in the window.