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So Monday morning I’m operating on ~2 hours of sleep, and after work I have school.  Yay.

But that’s OK, because I’m invincible.  Cannot be vinced.  And I have a lockable car with reclining seats, for those rare lunchtime naps…

I noticed yesterday that through my Johnson & Wales network, I have a subscription to – this is crazy cool!

Since this discovery, I have listed about twenty video courses I want to take, and already watched about six hours’ of material.  Free learning is the best, especially for the subjects that aren’t that typically supported, without spending $$$ on classroom learning.   Good stuff too, really well-made from what I can tell.

So next week, I will be an expert in:


If you want any help with anything at all in the known Universe, let me know.  But no earlier than Friday, or my knowledge may contain gaps.


I liked this last few weeks, even though parts of it made me a bit blue; in the not-so-goods was: 4 of my favorite colleagues had their last days at work, one retiring and three moving onto new opportunities. That involved far more beer than I had intended, but they’re all worth it.

In the good stuff, I made some fine headway with the new web app, building significant templates for several of the key pages, and even coding in some Javascript that makes popups of varying sizes without navigation / URL / Menu or scroll bars cluttering up the place. I even coded in some buttons and form elements which don’t do much yet, but are now ready and waiting for that fateful day when they have a SQL table ready to catch whatever dear information they may hold, and deliver it safely into the guts of the Internet. Now I’m thinking about Drupal, and wondering if that would either help or hinder my learning experience.

I also had a birthday this weekend, which typically makes me feel strange and start contemplating mortality, and other happy morbid existential pensive ruminations, and I spent a whole lot of time revisiting my relationship with ye olde guitar, which is coming on stronger and faster than I had anticipated. (And maybe for the first time in my life, I’m loving it. I used to like it, but have never loved it.) Thinking about subscribing to Acoustic Guitar mag, and whereas I spent my life using electrics, I’m now suddenly engrossed in blues and jazz and crazy chords, and wayyyyyyyyyyyy focusing on developing a lightning fast and accurate fingerstylin’ right hand. Does this mean I’m getting old, just because I wanna be Robert Johnson combined with Bela Fleck and John Williams?

But I’ve already been far more productive than I intended, so for the rest of the day we’re continuing our mega sci-fi marathon, with Children of Dune. Desert Power, and Muad Fn’ Dib baby!

Here are some pictures of my new lurve; I have yet to think of a name…