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Last night I made Italian sauce, with chicken/feta cheese sausage, sun-dried tomato / basil sausage, onions, mushroom, tomatoes, tons of garlic and fettuccini pasta. It was delicious, and rendered lots of leftovers. We also started Sex and the City 2, but it was terrible, (bad writing / directing / characters didn’t feel like the same characters), and so we quit on that and watched a bunch of Bear Grylls survival shows on Netflix. Plus… I drank a few beers, and ate 2 Cadbury’s Cream Eggs. This kind of over-indulgent opulence is the reason Al Qaida hates me.

But despite my aspirations towards a day of pure sloth, I wasn’t able to completely abstain from playing with the app, although at this point it’s more appropriate to call it a self-schooling exercise in tech-soup.

While php alone and html alone are straightforward enough, I need to pay more attention to the points where I skip in and out of the two, using variables and html together. Take simple text string messages, for example. Echo statements are great until I need to incorporate (and concatanate with) html tags and or straight text. Then the output gets weird, or just doesn’t work.

That’s OK, my good old trusty Larry Ullman book will help. Reading is useful.

Another fundamental I want to know is: When I’m outputting row after row from a database using a While loop (aka while row != empty), how do I set the html attributes so this output is displayed in a table, with visible borders?

I am trying to run before I can walk, I know I need to go through tutorials first, but still – name one single person who took a guitar lesson for the first time and didn’t want to jump straight into the solo from [insert song

By next weekend I will know these answers, be far more comfortable with the syntactical weave, AND (if I try really hard) I’ll be one week older.

Today I’ll start looking at this, but also need to go grocery shopping, iron some shirts and get ready to go back to work tomorrow. This week off has flown by.