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In one form or another I’ve had that “Ninja Pencil” blog theme kicking around in various guises, initially as the term used to relate to artwork I was trying to promote.  But now I’m not there any more, I’m here, a few years later, and so I’m bidding the ninjas farewell and going to train under the warrior monk Lu-Tze, from Terry Pratchett’s Thief of Time.  I obviously can’t stop thinking about time-travel.   Pratchett and Star Trek are equally responsible.  And maybe Galactica, with their jump drives and FTL technology.  I think if I need to get serious about my writing, I need to start channeling JJ Abrams or Gene Rodenberry in my pre-scriptionic meditation rituals.  And if I can channel the Great Bird of the Universe, then I’m gonna start channeling Robert Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker and Cliff Burton when I play guitar, and Jerry Goldsmith when I write music.

I joined the local YMCA a few days ago, and the place is great, not to mention yuge!  They’ve got a big indoor rock-wall which I’m dying to try out, and they have induction sessions which I plan on attending pretty soon.  So yesterday I swam for the first time in forever, getting to about 750 or 800 meters before they closed at 2.  I wanted to keep going, so instead I sulked in the steam-room for about forty five minutes.  It was most traumatic.  And then, for consolation, I met a friend for beers at Dave’s on Post Road in Warwick.  Yesterday was fun.  This weekend, I am doing as little as possible.


George Orwell is (was) a freaking genius.  I had a hard time continuing through to the end, because the main character Gordon Comstock is SUCH a despicably infuriating idiot.  Using reverse psych to make several critical social statements, Orwell managed to cover not only our enslavement to the green god of money, but more importantly, the ridiculousness of Sexism and gender discrimination.  Unfortunately, he had to do it in a way that made me so crazy, angry and pained, he almost lost me.  Absolute genius. I wish I could force certain ignorant people to read this, and then reflect on how dumb the idea is that men and women have different brains due to their gender.  It is going to take quite a long time for me to shake this one off, and I now need to take a shower after reading it.  This is the original Fight Club.