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So yesterday, getting the new laptop all configured whilst barely moving a muscle, I played and I played and I played. It was fun, although by last night my back ached and my ass was numb.

So in order of importance, what did I achieve?

1. I have this new blog which I can update via email (as I am now), set up to publish to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn via their WP gadget. This is comfortable; it feels like I’m just emailing myself, which I do all the time, although I rarely read emails from myself because they’re annoying.

2. I consolidated various email accounts and RSS feed subscriptions into my Windows Live Mail client. Score for efficiency (or laziness – a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet…)

3. I have all the tools set up and configured to start drafting / building the new web application.

4. I have the house set up in a wireless P2P network, so can access files on the desktop from the laptop, we can all use the printer, and I don’t need to leave the chair. In fact, I could even work on the app while I’m in the bath, although I probably won’t, and would definitely advise against it.

5. I got a new high score on Bejeweled Blitz, somewhere in the 230,000s.

6. I cooked a delicious vegetarian meal and then we ate too much.

7. I built a template page in Nvu (WYSIWYG site builder) and then printed and obsessed over the source code for a while, to get familiar with how elements are named and nested tables and classes and attributes and properties are referenced. (I am learning html / xhtml / css / php on the fly.)

8. I made a basic MySQL database, and then a page which takes input via a form, connects & writes said input to said database table using php and then outputs the contents of the database table to the same page. Not bad for a noob. Sooner or later I need to learn how to validate the data to prevent empty strings being entered or SQL injection attacks.

9. I met our new neighbor, who is weird.

Today I plan on being far less productive, forgetting most of what I learned yesterday, and then ending the night feeling like an unproductive loser. If I get particularly ambitious, I might go out to buy some more sugar. I used the last of it this morning.


Posted: February 18, 2011 in Life, Philosophy, Tech, Tech and Life, Writing
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OK, making my first post to WordPress by email – this is a good start in simplifying while simultaneously enriching my life. (sarc.)

This blog will chronicle my tamperings with php and other web app development, as well as general day to day exciteries and confounderlings. The goal is to have a web app (basically) functioning within the next 45 days, and then fully prettied up and ready for beta test in the next 90. By the end of 2011 I want a commercially viable subscriber service ready to launch on a mostly-unsuspecting public. The idea itself is solid, so the only challenge is making the tech-side function as well.

Next step is figuring out how to network through WP, and find other interesting people who may assist and enliven this trip. But, it does allow me to connect this to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, which is good because I don’t want to maintain them all separately. If it works out, then this blog will be my window to the world. If not, it will then become just another pile of dust on the island of half-heartedly created and cold-heartedly abandoned accounts.

Peace out.