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In one form or another I’ve had that “Ninja Pencil” blog theme kicking around in various guises, initially as the term used to relate to artwork I was trying to promote.  But now I’m not there any more, I’m here, a few years later, and so I’m bidding the ninjas farewell and going to train under the warrior monk Lu-Tze, from Terry Pratchett’s Thief of Time.  I obviously can’t stop thinking about time-travel.   Pratchett and Star Trek are equally responsible.  And maybe Galactica, with their jump drives and FTL technology.  I think if I need to get serious about my writing, I need to start channeling JJ Abrams or Gene Rodenberry in my pre-scriptionic meditation rituals.  And if I can channel the Great Bird of the Universe, then I’m gonna start channeling Robert Johnson, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker and Cliff Burton when I play guitar, and Jerry Goldsmith when I write music.

I joined the local YMCA a few days ago, and the place is great, not to mention yuge!  They’ve got a big indoor rock-wall which I’m dying to try out, and they have induction sessions which I plan on attending pretty soon.  So yesterday I swam for the first time in forever, getting to about 750 or 800 meters before they closed at 2.  I wanted to keep going, so instead I sulked in the steam-room for about forty five minutes.  It was most traumatic.  And then, for consolation, I met a friend for beers at Dave’s on Post Road in Warwick.  Yesterday was fun.  This weekend, I am doing as little as possible.


Two yes two that’s two, two you heard me right, I’m making two updates in one day. And the reasons, poetically enough, are twofold.

One – because I am avoiding real work by writing about real work which feels like part of the overall workload without being as arduous, and Two – because I’m excitable and have Whiskey.

Today was a good day at work, and it has almost been a year since my workplace was flooded. We are still rebuilding the business, catching up and recovering, but things are much better as we enter the next annual rainy season. Adrienne is doing extremely well one week after her surgery, already looking forward to bike riding and ninjistics, and today edited and sent a book out to get ready for its third publication. Not bad for a woman with needlecraft throughout her abdomen and a battle-scar impressive enough to gain William Wallace’s acceptance. And she received a stuffed, plush Uterus in the mail today – thank you Shannon! It is awesome, adorable and has a big smiley face.

I love John Steinbeck’s work probably more than any other writer I’ve ever read, and my Machine of Death prediction this weekend (“Cannery”) was specifically neat because I love Steinbeck’s book Cannery Row. And last week, while AJ was in surgery, I started reading The Wayward Bus. I got three chapters in, but now I have no idea where the book went – I may have lost it, but it was pretty good thus far. And then today, (too many coincidences), I scored a crossword clue of 4 letters which was “Steinbeck’s emigrants” – Okie, from the Grapes of Wrath – and I felt all smaht. We also watched Ben Affleck’s The Town” this weekend, and it was OK.

In unrelated news, I’m thinking maybe I need a moustache to balance out my thick and manly eyebrows.