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Early start today, as I’m heading back to work, and joy oh joy, it is snowing. Again.

That’s OK though, I feel pretty good, slept well and have coffee.

So I pondered yesterday: what’s the best way to build a site when you don’t know where to begin?

I needed to do something, anything, to get my teeth in and past the “concept” (avoidance) phase. Well maybe now I’m out of the gate. I threw a page together, as the official first draft template of the first page of the first site of the first adventure of the primary sector in the tertiary adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One. It does nothing, it goes nowhere and it has no content. But it’s a frame upon which I can begin my Frankenstein experiments. Call it a wireframe of sorts.

In other news, I downloaded GIMP (a free, open source Photoshop-style software), and it seems pretty good – great for free – but I’m having Post-Photoshop Adjustment Disorder (P.P.A.D). It’s gonna take some getting used to.